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Phase 1 registration to OPEN on 10th August at 3pm

Hello beauties!

Here are our tips to ease your registration:
  • Invitations sent out about 24 hours prior to registration phase opening
  • The unique invite code is needed to register so hold ont o your invitation email
  • Don’t forget to click on  I’m woman/I’m man – to proceed
  • Know your table leader and your departure point selections beforehand to fast track your registration process
  • If you wish to sit with friends, coordinate your departure point and table leader selections before you register
  • Register yourself and your guest first, you do not need to be a womanman couple, we welcome anyone in any form and gender to make a beautiful pair. You can change your partner anytime
  • If you wish to sponsor a friend, you can do that while you are doing your registration. Your friend will receive their invites in Phase 2
  • After this go to the Estore
  • You can order the following: your picnic basket, your bubbly or wine, flowers and furniture if you need any. You do not need to purchase any of these in order to finalise your registration. You can always return and add any items later.
  • For registration, laptops and desktops work better than mobile devices
  • You can register as soon as your Phase opens, but seats are limited so best to register quickly
  • Complete the registration process all the way to the end. If you do not receive a receipt from Paypal, you are not registered!

Hope this helps! 

Happy registering! :)

Lots of love,
Viktória, Hubert & Andrea

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